Sirko Associates, Inc.
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Sirko Associates, Inc.  Established May, 1985

A leader in the precast concrete industry, Sirko Associates, Inc. is
licensed and serving precasters in 35 states. Working with innovative as
well as traditional building concepts has given Sirko Associates a
broad scope of experience within the precast concrete construction
industry. Most Sirko employees have had industry experience
prior to joining the Sirko team, giving the company the depth that
you rely on in your consultants. Sirko Associates is committed to
the precast concrete industry, and further, takes an active role on
Precast Concrete Institute committees, publishing reviews, and
supporting research projects.

Sirko Associates, Inc.
12130 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 102
Denver, Colorado 80241
Telephone: 303.428.0901 Fax: 303.428.4425



12130 N. Pennsylvania St., Ste 102 Denver, CO 80241 | P: 303.428.0901 | F: 303.428.4425 |